Garage and Timber Frame Construction - Hartford, NY

This project began as a driveway relocation for a new garage in Hartford, NY.  However, once we started, the customer didn't want us to stop and we ended up providing a turn key solution in the end - including the 24' x 26' garage with 10' ceilings.  The customer explained exactly what they wanted; we then generated a computer model of the building to iron out all the details and allow them to see exactly what was to be constructed.

The site required elevation changes, grading, drainage, as well as electrical and data service installation.  To finish out the project, the siding, facia, soffits and even windows were all matched to the existing house so the structures look as if they were built together.  We sweat the details.

Services Provided:

Transport and Hauling
Certain building materials including the 24' timber frame beams were transported to site by Go Pro.

Site Preparation
The site work was multifaceted and included installation of a new 200A secondary electrical service and data connection from the primary transformer located 230' from the house.  The service meter was relocated from a pedestal to the side of the house.  Go Pro removed the existing driveway / parking area and constructed a new driveway and pad for the garage foundation.  Drainage included a perimeter curtain drain as well as gutter tie-ins.  Cobble rock was used to reinforce the bank where we lifted the elevation.  Crushed stone was used extensively to create a lawn boarder, drainage surface as well as to prevent rodent habitation.

Design and Fabrication
Go Pro completed the building, timber frame and foundation design as well as custom mounting brackets for the timber frame overhang.  Drawings were furnished both for permitting and construction.  Fabrication services included hidden fastener post mounting brackets for the timber frame overhang.  We also completed construction of the entire garage package as well as the timber frame overhang.

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