Farm House Facelift - Lake George, NY

The Farmhouse Facelift project was an opportunity to put new life into an 1830's estate near the South East shore of Lake George.  The customer gave us lots of leway but had a few simple requests:

1) Install a geothermal loop field for the new HVAC system.
2) Deliver and install a 1000gal in-ground propane tank.
3) Provide more parking and a place to turn around.
4) Dress the place up and make it look incredible.

We delivered 1800' feet of geothermal pipe burried around the North yard, a 1000 gal propane tank at the bottom of the South yard, an 80' circular driveway in front of the barn garage and many tons of rock wall and river cobble accents.  Simply put, we had a vision and they let us run with it!

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